Front End Categories

Frontend Categories are an extremely useful feature, once you know how to use it. We strongly encourage retailers to utilize this newly developed feature as we will it gives you more control over your product catalog and is a less complicated way to view your catalog.

What Are Frontend Categories?
Frontend Categories can be easily compared to your store front and your stock room. Basically your front end categories would represent your main store front, your display cases and your shelves in your store.  All the products in your front end categories are the same as the products on your shelves in your store, however you have to move your products from the back stock room to the shelves for them to be visible to customers. That’s the same thing we are doing here.  All the products in your Front End Categories will be visible on your online store, everything else that you want to keep in the back (like things that are out of season or extra inventory) will be in your regular categories until you move them to the front end.

How to get to Frontend Categories
Logging into your admin area, you’ll find front end categories under your catalog section.

                -To Turn On Frontend Categories click on the “Turn On Frontend Categories” Button. Keep in mind once you do this, all the categories that you currently have visible on your store will no longer be there. They will still be saved in the back end but once you enable the front end categories they will no longer show up, so we recommend you set up your front end categories up completely before enabling them.

                -Add New Frontend Category It’s entirely up to you how you want to merchandise. You can set it up exactly how your distributor has their products arranged or you can form a list of exactly how you would like your products organized.

-Move Products to Frontend So once you have these categories set up your going to want to populate them with products to fill your shelves so to speak. Keep in mind that any updates from your suppliers will populate into the regular categories, so you’ll have to move the products you’d like to display over to the Frontend as you get updates. So Frontend categories is incredibly useful for retailers 2-3 or more supplier feeds, as you get updates you can filter through which products you want to sell rather than have them update automatically, it basically gives you more control over your product catalog.

-Subcategories; When using front end categories its crucial to remember that when your moving products over to your front end categories, the system will not recognize the subcategories within a category. So if you add all of “Ammo” into your Front End Ammo category expecting the products to come over categorized how you had them, you’ll be confused. The best way to attack this is to have a list of your categories on hand and add them individually into your front end categories as such. from there you can add products to these categories separately and then move them into the main category. 

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