Social Bookmarks

The social bookmarks highlighted in the video above are part of your templates design, just request your CloudCommerce design and support team specialist to add them in and provide them with the links to your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Social Media Bookmarks are also available as part of your product info page, and as a dynamic module within CloudCommerce. This module can be activated through the admin area for qualified plans. It allows the social sharing icons to be shown on your product page, so a visitor can quickly and easily share your product to their social media account of choice.

To turn on the Social Bookmarks Feature, via the Admin Area:

1. Navigate to Configuration > Social Bookmarks
2. Click Edit
3. Click the True radio button
4. Click Update

The Social Sharing Icons should now be showing on your product information pages if the item is part of the template. If it s not, by default, part of your template, it can usually be added by our designers.
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