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Issue: Forgotten Passwords

For security reasons our support staff does not have direct access to your passwords. They will not be able to tell you passwords that you have created.  If you have forgotten your password, or otherwise are not able to log in, we are here to help.

When attempting to reset a password, please be sure to have the answer to your security question ready, as our staff will have to identify you as authorized for account access.  

Client Area

1. Log into the client area with your current password here:
2. Navigate to and follow the instructions.

If you can not log into the client area, please contact our support staff for help.

Support Security Question

You can change your account password in your Client Area. By default, when you create your account with us, your Security Question answer will be the last four digits of your billing account number (credit card or bank account last 4). We suggest you log into the client area and change this to something unique here: 

E-Commerce Password Version 5 and Below (Legacy)

There are two layers of authentication for our legacy e-commerce platform, .htaccess and the admin login screen.  

If you have forgotten your .htaccess password (the first username/password required in the pop up browser window) contact our support team directly for assistance. 

If you do not know your password for the Admin area login screen, you can use the forgot password feature to have a new password generated and emailed to you.

E-Commerce Password Version 6 and Above (CloudCommerce)

1. Navigate to your administration area at
2. Click the "Password Forgotten" Link and navigate to here:
3. Enter your First Name and Email Address in the corresponding boxes
4. Click the "Confirm" Button
5. A new password will be sent to your email address

Make sure to check your SPAM folder in your email, as sometimes these automated reset emails will be marked as SPAM by your email provider.
If you do not know your email address or the first name in the system, you will not be able to use this feature.  Please contact our support team if you have any trouble, or do not recieve a password reset email.


Email does not have a direct password reset function. To reset your email you will have to contact our support staff via phone, chat, or support ticket. Our support team will provide you a temporary password, which you should immediatly change. You must use a hardened password for email to prevent SPAM from our servers.  We apologize for the inconvenince of having a strong password, however security is a priority.

To change your email password:

1. Log into your webmail at
2. Click the "Change Password" icon
3. Enter your password and confirm your password in the appropriate boxes. Your password must meet the strength requirement. You can use the "Generate Password" button if you would like a random strong password.
4. Make sure to store your password in a safe place.
4. Click the "Change Password" button.
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