Avalara AvaTax Module Installation

You must first have an account with Avalara for AvaTax.

Don’t waste valuable time and resources on something that doesn’t make your business more profitable. Especially when you can easily automate sales and use tax through your existing CloudCommerce system with Avalara AvaTax. No more manually entering data or uploading rate tables and tax information!  AvaTax works in the cloud, giving you a scalability, efficiency (in updating, hardware requirements, reduction of IT personnel on site to update/maintain software), value (because you don’t license on premise software), and efficient updates. No other sales tax automation software comes close to providing the superior features and peace of mind of AvaTax.


If you do not have an Avalara account, you can get started here: https://www.avalara.com/products/sales-and-use-tax/avatax-2/

Make sure you are logged in the back-end of your website.

Let's begin with installing Avalara tax module.

1. Select modules from the left column.

2. From the options listed under Modules, Select Order Total.

3. This is the order total modules page; all the modules related to order total are listed here.

4. From the list of all the listed modules, select AvaTax module.

5. Click install to install the module.

6. Click edit to fill in all the required information.

7. Once the information is filled, click update.

The AvaTax module is installed in the system.

Now, let’s see how it works for the orders placed by the customer.

Let’s Place an order from the online store.

1. On payment information page, AvaTax will be displayed here under the tax that reads sales tax.

2. Let’s select some payment method. Click continue.
3. Let’s check again on payment confirmation page. The AvaTax is displayed under the tax that reads sales tax.

4. Click confirm order to confirm the order.

Once the order is placed, we can check it in the backend on order details page.

1. Click on store information and Click on orders.

3. Select the order and click details.

4. On order details page, we can see that the AvaTax is displayed here under the tax that reads sales tax.

Please note that when the order is placed from the online store. The order gets registered with status="uncommitted" at avalara.

In order to commit the transaction to avalara, change the order status from “Pending” to “Shipped”. We will see that avalara tax is committed.

In order to void the transaction at avalara, change the order status from “Shipped” to “Cancelled”. We will see that avalara tax is voided.

We can select the order status for commit and void from the AvaTax module settings. Let’s go back to AvaTax settings.

  1. Click modules > order total > select AvaTax and click edit. Scroll down for the view.

We can set order status settings each for commit and void from here.
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