How to terminate your contract and/or close an account?

Termination/Cancellation/Closing of Account

We are sorry to hear that you want to leave the Outdoor Business Network team. We are here to help you succeed. If you have not yet discussed any alternative options with our support team, you may want to do so before leaving. We have many other products and services available at different price points and service levels which may fit your needs and ease any transition. Our goal here every day we come into work is to help our clients (small and medium business) grow and succeed in the online world, if we are not doing that for you, please let us know what we can do to serve you better. If you still wish to go, we understand and want to help you move forward. We would like to thank you for your business in the past and wish you great success in the future.

Termination is a fairly easy process. To ensure this process goes smoothly, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1) Create a support ticket via the client area or email to request a termination form and instructions to close your account, please make the subject of your ticket/email "Service Termination Request". We will respond with instructions and a pdf form which you can fill out, documenting your account information and services you wish to terminate.

Step 2) Mail the signed form to us via USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. Our address is:

Outdoor Business Network
Attention: Account Management
3178 N Republic Blvd
Suite 8
Toledo, Oh 43615

Step 3) When Outdoor Business Network receives the termination form we will begin the termination process. We do require a thirty ( 30 ) day notice of termination, per your contract.

Step 4) Upon completion of processing the requested products and services will be removed from our servers.

Remember, we are here to help you. Miscommunication during an account termination can cause needless frustration for both our staff and our clients, please help us avoid it. If you have any questions about this process, timeline, account balances, specific requests for content or data storage, or need help migrating to your next solution, please reach out to a support team member.


Q: Why certified mail?
A: We require contractual notices via certified mail with return reciept to protect all parties involved. It ensures the proper party is giving notice, gives you proof that we received notice, and ensures that it does not get lost in the mail, caught in a spam folder, etc. We know some may consider it a hassle, but it is the proper thing to do and best for all involved in the long run.

Q: Certified mail is a hassle for us, why are you making us jump through hoops?
A: Believe it or not, we don't like it any more than you do. We know it is old school, but here is the reasoning behind it.  The contractual clause requireing notice be given in writing via certified mail with return receipt protects both businesses equally and is reccomended by the better business bureau. If we ever wanted to change something during our contract term (prices, add on fees, change privacy rules, change your service level, delete your account, etc.) we would actually have to send you a certified letter to do so. 

This means that unlike some of the large public companies out there that can change their terms at any time on you and sneak in extra fees or changes in services to benefit themselves (remember when cancelled firearms dealers? remember when magento dropped their monthly users in favor of only enterprise accounts? remember when shopify dropped gun dealers with no warning? remember when bigcommerce raised their fees with no warning? remember when amazon turned off long standing accounts with no recourse? we do.), we don't do that for our term contract customers. If for some reason we would have to make a change to the terms and conditions that govern your account during the term of your agreement, you would get a certified letter in the mail from us with our signature and thirty days notice. It also ensures that your critical customer and business data is protected and will not be removed unless you authorize it with your signature. When it comes to something critically important to your business and material to a contract we feel strongly that good old certified snail mail still has a good use.

Q: Will there be any other charges?
A: Depending on the timing of your termination, their may or may not be other fees or charges due for remaining invoices, other services such as domain names, early termination of long term contracts, etc. Please refer to your contract and list of products in your online client area for specifics, and if you have any questions regarding this, contact our billing department directly via email ( and request an estimate of your final statement.

Q: Will I lose access to my data?
A: Upon termination of the requested service, the requested service will be permanently removed from our servers. You will lose access to any service associated with it, for example if your website hosting includes email, and you terminate your website, you will also lose your email. If you would like to split products and remove partial products or services and keep others, please contact our support team (, as we can likely accommodate your request.

Q: Will my website go away immediately?
A: Once we receive your notice of termination, we place it in our system for automated processing. Normally the processing takes place at the beginning of the next billing cycle. Please be aware that sometimes computer glitches do happen, and your website may need to be manually removed from a server. If you wish your website to not be available to the public sooner, you can point your domains DNS to another location, or contact our support team to request an "under construction" page or something to that affect.

Q: Do I have to fill out the form you supplied?
A: We provide the form for convenience to ensure that the correct services are terminated and confirmation of the proper account information. Our contract requires "Signed Written Notice" so you may write your own termination request letter. If you do write your own letter, please be sure to include all of the following information: Company Name, Your Name, Company Address, Company Phone, Company Email, Company Website Address, List of Requested Services to Terminate, Requested Termination Date (if in the future), Signature of the Authorized Account Holder or Contract Signer.

Q: Do I have to follow these instructions?
A: The instructions listed here are meant to be a guide to ensure that your transition from us to your next project goes smoothly. The specific contract and/or terms of service related to your account with us govern the means of communication and actions required related to the relationship of your company and ours. For the security and protection of both of our businesses, we want to ensure your communication with us is from an authorized account holder, is clear and concise, is confirmed received, and processed correctly. We want to ensure it is not: sent by a disgruntled employee, former business partner, or ex-wife/husband, lost in a spam folder, stuck in a desk drawer, sent to an employees email that no longer works here, gets stuck in the fax machine, stuck in the back of the mailbox, can't be read or is illegible, gets put on the floor in a pile of UPS boxes, gets thrown away with the junk mail, etc. Yes, these things can happen, have happened, and we don't want them to happen to you! Help us help you; lets dot our i's and cross our t's together. 

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