The admin search feature is very powerful, and when used can make your navigation and use of the administration area much more efficient.

The search area allows you to search for the following attributes:

Admin Features

By defaut, just typing something into the search area and hitting your enter key will search the admin area for features. For example type "Product" into this field, hit enter, and you will see a compelete list of all product related admin area functions. 

To search for products, select Products from the drop down menu, then enter the product name or part number. A list of corresponding products will be presented.

To search by order number, enter the order number of your customer. This is useful for phone or email customer service, as your customers order number is included in the order confirmation email they recieve. Many times customers will reference this.

You can also search quickly by customer name, which will list all customers with the corresponding first or last name.

Pro Tip:

The feature search is one of the most used features of high volume users.
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