Member Groups

Member Groups allows a store owner to view and control who has access to his or her store.  By default a list of store administrator members are shown.  These people have access based on the group level they are assigned.

As a store owner, you are allowed to assign unlimited additional administrator members. Additional administrator member permissions can be defined in the groups function. Currently only the default groups are in use, more may be unlocked in the future.

To create a new member:

1. Click the "New Member" button.
2. Fill out the following fields. First Name, Last Name, Email Address are required. If you would like this user to have access to their CloudCommerce webmail account through the administration area, enter the OBN - Email Username and OBN - Email Password in the corresponding fields.  Select the group level you would like to assign this user to.
3. Click the "Insert" button.
4. Verify the information you submitted is correct.
5. The new admin member will have his login information emailed to them automatically.

To create new groups (currently locked).

1. Click the "Groups" button.
2. Click the "New Group" button.
3. Enter the name you woud like to call this group in the text box (i.e. Reports User) then click next.

To modify permissions of groups:

1. Click on the group name (i.e. "manager")
2. Click the "New Permission" button.
3. Click the corresponding check boxes of the files you with this group member to have access to.
4. Click the "save" button to save the changes.

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