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CloudCommerce's "featured products" function allows you, as a store owner, to easily display select products on your homepage. This should not be confused with the "specials" function which is used to discount product prices. Visit this page for information on specials.

1. To Set Featured Products, log in to your site administration area, and find and click "Featured Products" under "Catalog" in the left meun.

2. On the next page click "new product," which is located below any existing featured products.

3.On the next page find a product to feature through the dropdown located there.

4. Once you have a product selected, click "insert".

5. Your selected product will show up on your homepage. (Assuming your featured products section is still in your code as originally designed. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to insert this code yourself, the variable to use is $featured_products .)

6. You may want to review or deactivate featured products To do this, repeat step 1 by clicking "featured products" under "Catalog" in your site backend.

7. On this page, you can deactivate a feature by clicking its red (off) status button as shown on the top two products in the following example picture. A featured status can also be permanently deleted by clicking "delete" after selecting a product. This does not delete the product. It only deletes record of its featured status.

8. Featured products will show once three or more products are selected. They will format themselves into rows of three or four, rotating in position, and hiding any extras that would overflow into an incomplete row. You can add as many featured products as you wish, although it is advisable to keep it down to a managable amount that would not overwhelm viewers.

9. Featured Products can also be set up in groups. The steps to do this are similar to setting featured products outlined above. Instead of selecting "featured products" select "Group 1" or "Group 2" or "Group 3"

10. From here you will be directed through all the same steps listed above to add or edit featured products within these extra groups.

11. Not all sites are initially set up to include featured product groups, but they are easy to add. Most CloudCommerce customers prefer OBN staff to make changes to their code, so we will gladly put the necessary code in a site to make featured groups show up, if it is not currently there. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to insert this code yourself, the variables to use are $featuredgroup1 $featuredgroup2 and $featuredgroup3 .

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